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Veracity Insurance recommends Petsked

Petsked is the only all-in-one grooming software to simplify and grow your business. 

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Easy to Get Started!

  • Connect Your Google or Microsoft Calendar
  • Confirm  your business information
  • Add your clients and staff
  • Share your link and start growing

Groomers ❤️ Us!

"Jumping onboard with Petsked was a breeze. Their team seamlessly transitioned my client list at no extra charge. Undoubtedly, this has been a monumental leap forward for my business."

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Bubble Pet Grooming

"Before Petsked, I had never used software to enhance my grooming business. My goals were clear: to expand my enterprise and boost client satisfaction. My business has soared by 40% this year."

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Pet Pavillion

"Petsked really helped my business become more organized, which resulted in gaining more clients. I recommend all my groomer friends to stop wasting time and try Petsked out for themselves."

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Cutz to Cuddlez

What's included with Petsked?

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The ultimate appointment management tool
Your clients will appreciate how easy it is to book and re-book your services. Tracks booking trends, no-show rates, and peak hours to optimize your appointment slots for maximum revenue.


Unlimited 2-way messaging with clients

Ensure all client communications are securely shared with your team to avoid missing any crucial messages or details, ultimately ensuring client satisfaction.

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Easy Scheduler

Easiest to manage schedule and bookings

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Access growth network of 100M+ consumers

Watch your business flourish with new leads generated from our patented consumer network. You can either screen every new booking or automatically accept each one. We ensure to verify your availability before approving.


Accept all forms of payment anytime and anywhere

Simplify billing. Create invoices, monitor payments, and manage finances effortlessly. Gain insights on revenue, outstanding payments, and profitability through detailed reports.

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Multi-Location and mobile grooming built in

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Any questions? Talk with a Petsked expert now!

Our team will review key features and details, assess your current setup and usage, and provide recommendations.